Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ed Hardy Tiger

Did this Ed Hardy design (with key) the other day. Used a bunch of pigment I mixed up, haven't done that in a while.


  1. Love the green in the eyes like this. Green from line to line with pupil and single highlight sans iris is killer! I've been trying to use this way in cat heads after seeing some older Bob Roberts panther heads. I think it makes it look really powerful and simple and makes a great focal point in the center with the contrast of green and orange.

    I stumbled across your blog today after searching for Mike Perfetto tattoos on Google and I have spent the past hour firing through your blog and have throughly enjoyed all of your photos of trips and old magazine uploads. I have a massive collection of every magazine printed between 94' and 03' being it was my obsession as a teen that loved tattooing and I have recently started looking through them again over the past few months and realized how great tattooing was before the media explosion of the business. Either way, my name is Brandon Munday and I tattoo at Legacy Irons Tattoo Co. in Greensboro NC. I tattooed for four years at Port City Tattoo in Wilmington NC starting a month after Martin left and I took his booth after his departure. You can imagine the feeling of "filling those shoes" being a young tattooer but I like to think that it was a turning point in my tattooing with pressure to produce nice tattoos and trying my hardest to be a fraction of the asset to Port City in the way Martin was. You guys are and have been a HUGE inspiration to me and my tattooing and belief in this business. Thanks for the great blog and the years of inspiration man! Sorry for such a long comment...hahaha. -Brandon Munday (

  2. Hey man. Just noticed your comment, Thanks for the kind words. You're right Marty is the man. Let me know if you're ever coming through Philly. Steve