Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan, was thinking of some friends there this week.

Caves in Enoshima,where the Samurai hid out in the 1600's, there's a cemetery in there too.
2nd biggest Buddah in Japan, near Enoshima. Made from individual cast panels.
Another national treasure of Japan, the beer vending machine.
Gus, aka Gusto Higo. The best machine builder in the world!

Gus at work, doing a lil rebuild on one of Annette LaRue's machines. A rollomatic type cutback she got from Lou Sciberra.
The economy is already bad in Japan and now there are rolling blackouts through out the country, needless to say he's not doing a lot of tattooing right now.
So professional tattooers, BUY HIS MACHINES!

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